Numismatic auctions KENDRO

Transport and payment

1. Personal takeover

On the basis of a prior agreement, it is possible to pick up your order personally at our Prague office.

2. Shipping the goods within the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Insured letter, insured parcel or another type of consignment agreed upon, through Česká pošta and other delivery companies.
Description, parameters and prices of individual services of Česká poštaare available at
The most common way of sending goods is an insured letter orinsured parcel. The specification of this service is available at:
The delivery term in the Czech Republic throughČeská poštais usually in the course of following business days after shipment.

Postage and packing costs, including consignment insurance applicable to the Czech Republic

  • EUR 4 for orders with a price up to EUR 999.9
  • CZK 0 for orders with a price of EUR 1000 and more

Postage and packing costs, including consignment insurance applicable to the Slovak Republic

  • EUR 10 for orders with a price up to EUR 999.9
  • EUR 15 for orders with a price from EUR 1000 to EUR 4000
  • EUR 25 for orders with a price exceeding EUR 4000

3. Sending goods to selected countries of the EU

Postage and packing costs, including consignmentinsurance applicable to selected EU countries

  • EUR 25 for orders with a price up to EUR 4000
  • EUR 50 for orders with a price exceeding EUR 4000

Consignments are sent immediately after the corresponding payment is credited to the account of KENDRO a.s.

All costs associated with the shipment of goods shall be borne by the buyer, unless agreed uponotherwise for a given business case or unless the cost of shipment is included in the sales price.
If you are interested in a different method of delivery or other information related to the method of shipment, please do not hesitate and contact us.

The tax document is a part of the consignment and at the same time it serves as a warranty certificate.

Bank contact data

The payment can be made by means of a bank transfer or deposit to the bank accounts listed below:

Payment in CZK:

  • BANK: ČSOB a.s.
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 290968692/0300
  • IBAN: CZ09 0300 0000 0002 9096 8692

Payment in EUR:

  • BANK: ČSOB a.s.
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 290968844/0300
  • IBAN: CZ76 0300 0000 0002 9096 8844
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