Numismatic auctions KENDRO

Coin redemption

We offer you a fair price and fair treatment

Do you have coins in your collection that are no longer of interest to you. Or you have inherited a numismatic collection, but your passion for collecting is alien to you. Whatever your reasons for being interested in buying coins, you can always turn to Kendro Numismatics with confidence.

We buy gold and silver coins, medals and banknotes

We are experts who pride ourselves on our high level of expertise, precise assessment of your coins and fair and discreet dealings. We will always offer you an adequate price that reflects the current value of similar coins on the market. We buy coins from private collectors and legal entities. We buy gold and silver coins, commemorative medals and banknotes.

Do you own an entire collection of rare coins? No problem.

We are fully committed to numismatics and if your coin collection catches our eye, we can buy it back for a fair and transparent price. We will never hide or conceal from you how valuable your coin collection contains. Mutual trust and a fair approach is a matter of course for us. We have sufficient resources and are ready to buy even numismatically exceptional coin sets.

We buy coins from the 13th century to contemporary issues

We specialize in coins that were minted in our territory, from the 13th century to the present day. We are particularly interested in all Bohemian and other Central European coins. We buy Hungarian coins (elected kings), Transylvanian coins, Habsburg coins and coins from the Austrian Empire. Of course, we are also interested in all Czechoslovak coins (1918 to 1992) and coins minted after the establishment of the Czech Republic. However, we also buy foreign silver and gold coins without a direct link to Czech history, such as dollars, francs, etc.

How do I buy coins?

  • First, you send us detailed photographs of the specific coin, from both sides. If you own a large number of coins, they can be photographed in a group – the better quality photos we receive, the better.
  • We will professionally assess the photos sent. If we are interested in the coins, we will contact you with an offer of the maximum price and terms of purchase.
  • We will then arrange a personal meeting – only if you accept our offer, of course. We will meet at our office to view the coins in person and confirm our eventual agreement by signing a purchase agreement.
  • We will pay you the agreed amount. We will always offer you a fair and highest possible price according to the current prices on the numismatic market.
  • We will shake hands at the end – we pride ourselves on fair dealings and your satisfaction!

Information before buying coins

  • For the first assessment of the coins and to determine their purchase price, it is always sufficient to send high-quality photographs first. According to the photos received, we will determine the maximum purchase price.
  • Never clean coins before the planned sale! This serious and costly mistake is made mainly by the uninformed general public who, in the good faith belief that they will get the coins in better condition, actually cause serious damage and devaluation.
  • Do not chemically treat coins! Coins should have their characteristic patina and original minting markers. Improper handling of coins has a negative effect on the final price.
  • For larger collections, it is sufficient to send complete bulk photographs. You don’t have to worry about photographing each coin individually. For large collections, we also offer the option of a professional appraisal on the client’s premises.

Do you have coins at home that you want to offer for sale?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Even if you do not know the price of your coins – we will be happy to help you with a professional appraisal.

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